Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twittering away

Well, although I've not been particularly diligent about adding to this page, I have been posting the occasional bit on Twitter. It finally occurred to me that the "widget" option might have something to do with me, so I added my twitter feed to the sidebar over there. Go ahead, take a look. It's mostly things I post in response to other people's tweets, but occasionally I do just have a thought that I want to keep around somehow. Twitter seems, for the moment, to be a way to do that. Who knows how long it'll be around, but I like its way of doing things.

If you're not sure whether you want to be part of the Twitter crowd, do what I did: when someone you already read has their Twitter feed on their page, go to their Twitter page, then bookmark that page. Eventually I had a couple dozen people I was "following" without following them, and the day came that I just had to post a reply to one of their posts, so I joined up. The way I look at twitter: it's like being at a big party that never really ends, you get to overhear part of a lot of conversations, and if you want to add your voice, you can. This doesn't mean that anybody else has to listen, but that's life.