Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Catching Up With The Doctor

Well, another series/season of Doctor Who is done, we're still waiting for the 50th anniversary special, and Matt Smith is officially leaving the role of The Doctor at Christmas. Here are some highlights of the most recent season, in my own opinion.

"The Asylum of the Daleks"

Amy and Rory are having... difficulties, the Doctor is having trouble with getting the TARDIS to get him where he wants to go (and stay away from where he doesn't want to go), and things are about to get much, much worse before anything could get better. If it could.

"The Power of Three"

A somewhat quiet episode, with more of a focus on the Ponds and their relationship with the Doctor. Not that all those little cubes have appeared for no reason at all...

"The Angels Take Manhattan"

The Doctor and the Ponds are relaxing in Central Park, the Doctor reading a book, but when Rory goes for coffee, the Doctor suddenly finds him in the middle of his reading material. The fact that River Song is also in the story can't be a good sign, but it's just the start of the trouble they're in, and there may not be a way out.

"The Snowmen"

Christmas, Victorian London, and the Doctor is very much out of sorts. Doesn't want any part of adventures, doesn't want to meet anyone, and definitely doesn't want to be saving the world. Just one word could make him change his mind. And there's something familiar about that barmaid...

"The Bells of Saint John"

Now the Doctor has a real mystery to sink his teeth into, so he's retreated to a monastery. In the 13th century. A support call about the Wi-Fi is the last thing he expected, and just the beginning of the last piece of his puzzle.

"The Rings of Akhaten"

Clara wants to see something awesome, so the Doctor takes her to the first place he can think of. There are, however, some complications once they get there, and Clara's past may be the key to solving their predicament.

"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"

The Doctor wants the TARDIS and Clara to get along, but when he shuts down the shields in deep space for some driving lessons, a salvage rig gets the wrong idea, and all of space and time may be in jeopardy if they can't all work together and find each other deep in the TARDIS corridors.

"The Name of the Doctor"

Something is abducting the Doctor's friends across space and time, leading the Doctor to the one place he should never go, and Clara to the one thing she has to do. And the mysteries and secrets don't stop there...

In between some of these episodes are some prequels and side stories which add a bit of background to the main stories, but aren't vital to understanding what's going on. As ever, every episode of the series has some sterling moments, but these episodes, for me, are overflowing with 'em. If you haven't already seen all of them, these are my picks for the ones you really ought to give a try.