Wednesday, November 09, 2016

About last night…

Obviously, a number of things came to mind when I heard. This has remained at the top of my mind:

(Wait, there's more…)

"That is not what you elected this time."

From "Transmetropolitan" by Warren Ellis and Darick Robinson, an entertaining and horrific look at our society if we manage to avoid an extinction-level event first. Worth reading the whole thing, to see the world these two manage to imagine; these pages are from the first chapter of "Gouge Away", wherein our protagonist, journalist Spider Jerusalem, begins to take on a corrupt politician he's helped get into office.

Here, Spider begins to investigate and approach sources:

Think Hunter S. Thompson crossed with Jack Anderson and John McClain. Things tend to get very weird, even goofy at times, but there's a real humanity and empathy to Spider that I find missing in a lot of modern entertainment. That isn't to say he's above, oh, pistol-whipping the bodyguard of one of his long-time acquaintances in pursuit of The Truth. To say the very least. (And that pistol? A Bowel Disruptor. It's not the most "Shut up and take my money" bit of tech in the story… but it's definitely up there.)

Transmetropolitan is available in paper (from,, or most shops that carry graphic novels) and digital (again,,, or the site and app). Like I said, worth the read.

Nobody fucks with The Truth.